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Sympathy for the Goldman?

March 6, 2010

New York Times Opinionator blogger William D. Cohan steps in it today with this long plea for a presidential pardon for ex Goldman Sachs arbitrageur Robert Freeman, who two decades ago pleaded guilty to mail fraud, served four months in Club Fed, and paid his million dollar fine with a personal check.

It was “A Wall Street Witch Hunt,” Cohan argues. Even though Freeman was, technically, guilty.

Says Cohan, tears apparently streaming down his cheeks, Freeman still lives in the same house he had when he was arrested; he “plays golf when he can” and “never really worked again.” The comments are priceless.

(Note: this blog post was reconstructed and reposted after a server glitch wiped out all March 5 postings. City Paper regrets any reader inconvenience).

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