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DPW Reports a Sewage Leak Near the Jail

March 26, 2010

Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) spokesman Kurt Kocher called CP today, asking that we inform the public—even if it is belatedly—of a 220,000-gallon sewage leak that occurred on March 13 at 401 E. Eager St., where the city’s correctional facilities are located.

“There was an error in our personnel reporting it to us,” Kocher says, “otherwise we would have alerted people when it happened.”

Kocher says that sewer leaks at the jails “have been an ongoing problem, a continuing problem, and fixes that we’ve put in didn’t work again. It’s an engineering problem that we’re trying to address.”

He adds that “the system we have in place, in which anything over 10,000 gallons gets immediately reported, works very well, but it relies on input from the people who are out there dealing with the problems. That didn’t happen this time.”

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