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2010 Baker Artist Awards Announced

March 4, 2010

a still from Karen Yasinsky’s “I Choose Darkness”

On the evening of March 3 the winners for the 2010 Baker Artists Awards were announced on the Maryland Public Television program ArtWorks This Week. Host Rhea Feikin first spoke with Connie Imboden, president of the William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Fund that oversees the awards, who talked about the reach of this sophomore year of the endeavor. According to Imboden, logged some 60,000 visits from 140 countries, with 28,000 registered voters to the site, and tracking the site’s activity revealed visits from “major museums,” “big universities,” and companies such as Apple, DreamWorks, the New York Times, and the Gap. The program briefly checked in with the three 2009 winners of the $25,000 Mary Sawyers Baker prize—Carl Grubbs, John Ruppert, and Hadieh Shafie—who all had uniformly positive things to say.

The five 2010 $1,000 Baltimore’s Choice awards winners, ostensibly chosen by popular vote via the awards web site, were:

Shodekeh was also named the recipient of the $1,000 2010 Nancy Haragan Award, named in honor of the founding director of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance and to be given to the Baltimore’s Choice winner who “best exemplifies the creative vitality of Baltimore’s artists and the spirit of the Baker Artist Awards.”

The three $25,000 2010 Mary Sawyers Baker prize winners were:

The three Sawyer prize winners will be exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art April 7-June 27. Congratulations to all the winners.