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No Trash Pickup Through Monday, Feb. 15

February 10, 2010

According to press releases from the Baltimore Department of Public Works, Bureau of Solid Waste, there will be no trash, recycling, or bulk-trash pickup for the rest of this week due to our “extreme” (i.e., infuriatingly disruptive) snowstorms. There will also be no trash pickup Monday, Feb. 15, because it’s a holiday—President’s Day—and pickups and pickup centers will be closed.

As of now, your best bet for getting rid of accumulating household trash is to hang onto it until Friday, Feb. 12, when the city hopes to open its citizen drop-off centers from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Assuming the roads are passable by then, you can drop your trash off at the center nearest your home.

Says DPW spokesman Robert Murrow, so far people have not been calling in complaints about the lost pickup days—mostly, he says, people are just calling with questions about pickups. And plowing—those calls get referred to the Department of Transportation.

If you’ve been trying to reach a city office today and no one is answering, by the way, that’s because the city declared today a furlough day for all non-emergency personnel. Fire, police, and snow-removal employees are in—everyone else has the day off. Today’s furlough day will take the place of the furlough date scheduled for May 28.

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