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Health Care Reform Doctors Arrested Outside Obama Speech

February 3, 2010

On Jan. 29, two of the doctors from our recent feature story on activism in the name of health-care reform, Margaret Flowers and Carol Paris, were arrested again in Baltimore. The two showed up in front of the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in the Inner Harbor that day, where President Barack Obama was scheduled to address a group of House Republicans. The women, both of whom are supporters of a Medicare-like system called single-payer health care, held a sign that read “Letting You Know: Medicare for All.” The doctors say they have tried repeatedly to get in on various Congressional hearings on health-care reform, have hand-delivered letters to the White House, and have been involved in several protests in the name of health-care reform. This is Flowers’ third time being arrested for the cause; It’s Paris’ second.

You can view video of their protest and arrest outside the hotel below.

Here’s some video footage of Paris, Flowers, and other health-care activists being arrested during a Senate Finance Committee Hearing in May 2009. Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana) is chair of the committee, and he refused to allow proponents of single-payer health care speak at the hearing. Instead, he had those who chose to speak from the audience arrested.

Special thanks to William Hughes, a former City Paper contributor, for sharing these videos with us. You can view more of his videos at his YouTube channel, William Hughes Presents.

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