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Collapse Update

February 25, 2010

We were wondering how many building collapses resulted from the big snows of a couple of weeks back, so we asked. Cheron Porter, director of communications for Baltimore Housing, e-mailed today with the official count:

There were no complete building collapses as a result of the storm. In 14 cases we responded to the collapse of some portion of a building, other than a porch or awning, typically limited to a roof or wall. In two of those cases complete demolition was determined to be the best approach. The two properties that we demolished were located at 4700 Pimlico Road and 401 N Milton Ave. In addition, we responded to 12 porch collapses and 8 awning collapses.

401 N. Milton is owned by an investor, CHRISTOS TRIANTAFILLOUPOULOS, Whose C&T Investments, Inc. was forefeited last fall.

4700 Pimlico was a city-owned property, one of 17 taken for back taxes in 2005.

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