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Red Emma’s: RESIST presentation and Live Nude Girls Unite! screening

July 8, 2009

Live Nude Gilrs Unite!

The typical beginning of the week send-the-paper-to-the-printer production cycle sadly prevented us from mentioning last night’s kick-off party for Red Emma’s Free School Project at 2640 Space. The Free School’s pilot session starts next week, so visit its web site to see what classes are being offered this summer. (The one day lecture “Urban Development as Counterinsurgency” sounds particularly appealing.)

Fortunately, it’s a typically events-packed week at the Mount Vernon bookstore/coffeehouse. Tonight at 7:30 p.m., Robin Carton, the director of grants and finances at the Massachusetts-based RESIST foundation, presents a free talk about funding and applying for grants to support community activism and education. And tomorrow night, July 9 at 8 p.m., Red Emma’s continues its summer film series with a screening of Live Nude Girls Unite!, directors Vicky Funari and Julia Query’s 2000 documentary about San Francisco erotic dancers struggling to unionize in the late 1990s while facing the usual anti-union obstacles and a public and media that viewed sex workers with distaste and condescension. This screening is co-sponsored by Baltimore’s indispensable sex-positive sex shop, Sugar.

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