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January 6, 2009

Some of us here in the runup to Super Bowl XLIII still think “Weezy” is George Jefferson’s wife, but apparently the current culturally-relevant owner of the handle is Hip-hop luminary and established avian enthusiast L’il Wayne, who today in his first-ever, um, take, on the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network‘s “Morning Take” podcast, shaped his grill into a radiant smile upon the yes-they-can Baltimore Ravens. Also in Mr. Wayne’s remarks: In the roundball prognostication dep’t. it’s the Lakers this year; please raise the rims in the NBA for the LeBron James era; and desultory remarks involving Len Bias and Pac-Man Jones.

We usually only go to church on Super Sunday, but in this week’s NFL action, Friend of City Paper Online SPORTSLOCK sees it this way:

Eagles 4 over/under 40. The ravens are 3. Parlay the Eagles with the Titans for my Jesus Christmas parlay lock of the decade dot com.

You might see it differently. Please to comment below.

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