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Compare These Two Newspapers

January 8, 2009

Check out the zinger on the cover of today’s Examiner: “Mayor’s Ex-Lover Indicted,” with a huge full-color photo of Mayor Sheila Dixon at the dead center of its cover. She has been at the center of the investigation that led to those indictments, after all. And who knows, there still may be another prosecutorial shoe about to drop somewhere.

By contrast, check out the Sun‘s cover today: Big full-color images of Barack Obama and all the living former presidents, some Ravens fans, and a photo from a Morgan State basketball game. Oh, and on the right-hand side of the page, a story about a councilmember and some developer being indicted, with a couple of small head shots.

Oh wait, that’s not just some developer and some councilmember–it’s Helen Holton, indicted on bribery charges, and Ronald Lipscomb, Dixon’s ex-lover–or at the very least, her very good male friend who gave her expensive fur jackets and stuff.

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