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Another Tillman Court Document Comes Available

August 28, 2008

The Aug. 18 federal raids of Baltimore locations tied to politically connected ex-con bailbondsman and real-estate investor Milton Tillman Jr. and his son, Milton Tillman III were followed by the public release of court documents listing what was seized during the searches. However, the inventories released up until then only covered five of the seven raided locations. Today, the fruits of an Aug. 19 search of a 2001 Buick Regal are described in a newly released search-warrant return [pdf], leaving only one more yet to come to light–a description of what was seized from a building at the Dundalk Marine Terminal.

The newly released document has turned up new clues about the federal white-collar-crime investigation into Tillman’s activities, which court documents indicate is focusing on possible financial crimes. The search-warrant return shows that the inventory of seized items was prepared in the presence of not only the FBI, whose involvement in the investigation (along with the IRS) has already been reported, but also the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Only five items were described as having been seized from the car: a cell phone, a manila folder containing phone numbers and “gas receipts,” two documents involving bail for defendant Frankie Vitorio Pullen, and one involving bail for defendant David Funderburk. Pullen and Funderburk both have long histories of serious charges, including violent crimes and drug conspiracies. On many of those charges over the years, Tillman’s bail-bonds companies secured their release pending trials–including in their most recent cases.

State court records show that Pullen was charged on July 29 with attempted murder and assault in Baltimore County District Court, and his bail was posted by Samuel A. Hinton, a Tillman bail agent who has business ties to a mid-level heroin ring. On July 10, Funderburk was charged in Baltimore City District Court for his part in a drug conspiracy, and was released the next day after another Tillman bail agent, Lee Dixon, paid his bail. Both Pullen’s and Funderbunk’s cases have since been indicted in Circuit Court.

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