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In This Week’s City Paper

March 9, 2005

On the cover, Stephen Janis talks with activists, academics, and government officials who are trying to get the lead out of Baltimore City homes. In it, Janis references a Feb. 13 Sun story about Philip E. Parker, who was killed on a state prison bus, and his suspected killer, Kevin G. Johns Jr., who, the story says, was diagnosed with lead poisoning. It’s a good story, with or without the lead connection. Other links worth clicking related to Janis’ story would include the Abell Foundation’s “Childhood Lead Poisoning in Baltimore” report, Rick Nevin’s Environmental Research article (though it’ll cost you $30), Fordham law professor Deborah Denno’s home page, a Johns Hopkins Magazine article about Ellen Silbergeld, and the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning home page.

In Mobtown Beat Jill Yesko closes the door on a quarter century of history at Fells Point’s Joseph SeniorLife Center. Here is the Joseph’s home page, and here is that of the local Catholic Charities, the senior center’s owner/operator, you know, if you want to write a letter or something. In Edward Ericson Jr.’s Quick and Dirty about a controversy surrounding the state of Maryland’s new prison health-care contract, he mentions a New York Times investigative series, “Harsh Medicine,” on the object of that controversy, Prison Health Services Inc. It’ll cost you, but here is the link to the first part of the series (if this stuff interests you–and it should–it’s worth the less than $10 that the entire series will cost you).

In the Arts & Entertainment section, Violet Carberry gets crazy with overexposed Hopkins psychotherapist John D. Gartner, author of the new book The Hypomanic Edge, which posits that Americans are so great because we’re so, well, hypomanic, or something like that. Like I said, Gartner is way overexposed right now (the book’s touched a nerve, apparently), so it should be easy to find dozens of reviews, blog entries, diatribes, etc. I’d start out with Daniel Gross’ review at and go from there.

In Film, Lee Gardner scares up The Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez, who’s finally working on a new movie, Probed. The Hollywood Reporter‘s Chris Marlowe did the same Monday with Sanchez’s BWP co-director, Daniel Myrick, who’s working on a new web TV series, The Strand.