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Feature Hole

March 21, 2005

Who’s Up for Dundalk? This thoroughly depressing Sun series, by Jamie Smith Hopkins (minisite), on skyrocketing home costs in the Baltimore area makes the The Third Floor wonder if he’ll ever be able to afford the house, or at least consider getting a job in PR or something more lucrative.

O’Malley’s Last March: The mayor’s dissolution of his band produced a few stories over the weekend. The Sun‘s Eric Siegel checked out a show/fund raiser at Rams Head Live, and produced a rather terrible story. And the Post‘s David Snyder did a much better job for the the March’s St. Patrick’s Day show at Recher Theatre.

Unchartered Territory: Daniel de Vise, of the Post, gets edumacated by charter-school starters in Maryland, including Northeast Baltimore’s own Bobbi Macdonald, of City Neighbors Charter School.

Just Can’t Wait: In Sunday’s Sun, Rob Hiaasen doesn’t get to see Jack Kerouac’s On the Road scroll in Baltimore; it’s owned by Public Enemy No. 1′s son Jim Irsay.

No-Mart: In Sunday’s Sun, they printed an AP story about residents of the Southern Maryland town of Dunkirk’s fight against Wal-Mart. They lost, and are getting two of the superstores.

Meat Men: In today’s Sun Jill Rosen gets ready for Easter along with the folks at Ostrowski’s Famous Polish Sausage.

Exposure: Post art critic Blake Gopnik previews the 48th Corcoran Biennial, focusing on little-known Baltimore artist John Lehr, whose work decorates the exhibition catalog’s cover.